Yokohama Winter Squash

Yokohama-Squash-webThe Profile for Today is of a little known Winter Squash Called Yokohama.This interesting looking squash is an heirloom from Japan. Introduced here in the United States by James Hogg a wealthy Horticulturist from  Yorkville, New York In the 1860’s.

Yokohama Stores very well staying moist during prolonged storage. It needs to be protected from Freezing in Order for it to store well. My personal description of this squash is that is has nice fine grained flesh, the taste is mild and reminds you faintly of pumpkin, Making it wonderful substitute in your Winter cooking. yokohama-half

It blends into stews or soups you can leave it in chunks or blend it to make it part of your soup base, It has a smooth texture when cooked making it a wonderful choice for pie or custard or Ice cream!  We made a dairy free, soy free, Ice Cream With this squash Last night

It is wonderful, it has a wonderful smooth texture. It is really hard to find good recipes for non dairy ice cream. Maybe I will share the recipe if anyone is interested.

This squash would be equally good sliced and grilled. I hope you have learned something new and will consider trying this squash.

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