Vegetable Profile Salsify

Salsify is a memeber of the dandelion family. It makes sense if you think about why it seems to be an “older” vegetable that has fallen out of favor. I remember my grandmother talking about gathering dandelion greens to eat in the spring. I am thinking “a weed?”  “Why would you eat weeds?.”


Above is a picture of the plant above ground. The root is the part eaten and looks like this salsify1 by the time it gets to you. Salsifyis great used where other root vegetables are used in Soups, Stew, Boiled, Mashed or roasted. I have compiled some recipes on the Farms Pinterest Page.


I am hoping you will try this vegetable if you see it at the Farmer’s Market or if you get it in a produce box. The skin is tough so it requires peeling before using.


They may also have darker Skin like the above picture. It makes sense that my grandmother talked about dandelions and this vegetable it was popular with the Victorians and then Fell out of favor. She was a child during the Victorian Era.

If you see it give it a try, it is often a pain for the farmer to grow as it germinates poorly alot of the time and the roots can be tiny, not a good return on all the hard work. You never know you may find a new favorite.

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