Vegetable Profile Leeks

Leeks in the Garden This time we are covering leeks. Leeks are a member of the Allium family along with Onions, and Garlic, No real surprise there. They sort of look like Garlic while it is green but leeks do not form a bulb they stay long and can either be thick or thin.They have a very mild onion like taste. Raw they are crunchy and firm. You can usually find them year round in the grocery store and farmers market. Some Varieties grow readily during the coldest and wettest winters here in the Pacific Northwest. I had them survive last Winters Snowpocalypse here just fine.

farm-013Leeks waiting to be cleaned and trimmed.


Leeks have been cultivated for centuries. They are mentioned in the Bible and Historians tell us the Emperor Nero Liked to Eat them believing they improved the quality of his voice.


They make a wonderful soup base or added to Potato leek soup, or Cock a leekie Soup or Mushroom and Potato soup. Leeks are wonderful Grilled, fried, raw or added to casseroles.Add theym to any soup stock they add a wonderful flavor. I have compiled some recipes on Pinterest for you to try.

So if you see them at the farmers market or purchase them from a local farmer try some leeks soon you won’t believe how great they are!

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