Vegetable Profile: Celery Profile

Celery Root or Celeriac is our vegetable profile this week.  This vegetable is grown for it’s root. Where celery stalks you are used to seeing in the store is a different type of celery it has a small root system Compared to Celery root.


It is not a very attractive vegetable, however they are tasty and go great with other root vegetables. They taste mildly of celery and store very well.  If you see them in the farmers market with the tops still attached like the picture above they are very fresh and are at their peak. If yours comes with the tops cut them off and store them separately in the vegetable drawer. They will last longer. Use them like celery stalks. They will probably be tougher than store celery but have alot more flavor, just cut them smaller or cook them longer.

Celery root is great added to dishes or used on it’s own. I have gathered recipes on our

Pinterest page for celery root. I hope that if you see this vegetable in the market you will try it. If it shows up in Produce box you will know what to do with it now!


This is how it looks in the garden. As it grows the root pushes itself above ground some what. Here in Oregon Celery root is harvested in the fall. Although you can probably find it year round at the Grocery store.

It does need to be peeled well before you use it. I didn’t know this but The celery root is a favorite vegetable in Turkish cuisine. Learn something new everyday. I hope this article is helpful and you learned something new!

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