Update 9/8 to 9/15

Here is the Update for the week of 9/9 to 9/15 fall is getting closer but we still have plenty of produce to offer you! Just take a look at this weeks list. you might think our season is almost up but really we have a couple of months left! We have produce Until Thanksgiving!



Summer Squash


Bell Peppers



Cherry Tomatoes



The Pumpkins and winter squash are hardening off and will be ready very soon. I have heard from several people that they are really ready for fall this year. Summer has certainly gone by very quickly. There is still time to get farm fresh produce. Just read on for more information!


No Long term Commitment required Order week by week or all season $22 if we deliver to your house $20 if you pick up from us. Pay via cash, Paypal, Local check, or square.

May 2015 004

We also have a Pinterest page that has recipe ideas for our produce. We are also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



Use the contact form to order. I do my best reply the same day.  We can work with you to arrange something that works just let us know. More info on how the program works Here.

The squash in the picture is above is called Red Kuri. C Maxima. It is a Japanese Winter squash. It is supposed to be an excellent keeping variety. As well as being sweet and having Smooth, Rich, dry flesh. I sourced my seeds from Adaptive Seeds in Oregon. Those seeds were grown in Junction City. I love buying seeds as close to home as possible they do so much better!


I am looking forward to trying this squash this year. I like to try new ones each year. In Addition to Red Kuri this year we grew Spaghetti squash, Delicata, Butternut, Sweet Potato Squash, Pie Pumpkins, as well as decorative pumpkins.  I might have forgotten one? 🙂  I hope you have a wonderful week!

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