Spring Update

Here is a Spring Update.Some have expressed interest in what we are doing. So to those of you who are following here is what is happening here!

March 2015 005The Garlic was weeded and fertilized.

March 2015 032One of the tunnels with little radish sprouts to the left and under the row cover is Napa Cabbage. The reason for the cover is to keep bugs out of it. Everything likes to eat it so in order for us to grow it without any spray exclusion is our best option. To the right of the Napa Cabbage is Spinach, Kale and Chard.

March 2015 031This is a view from the other side. These will quickly take off and grow quite nicely out of the weather.

March 2015 034This is the tunnel next the one shown above. It is only partially planted. My rows will never be arrow staright. I get teased about it alot. I refuse to conform though, I am convinced the plants grow just fine if the rows are a little wonky. In this tunnel  I planted Broccoli, Green onions, Kale, Arugula, and Beets.

March 2015 024March 2015 025 These are little beds I have in my greenhouse where the seeds are started. There is lettuce and Spinach among Walla Walla Onions. The spinach and lettuce will finish and they are pulled allowing the onions the bed to themselves when they get larger.

March 2015 013 Seedlings popping out. March 2015 019


March 2015 046Yesterday I was trying to take pictures of my apples leafing out, when I focused on the ground below under the tree and got a pleasant surprise!

March 2015 048March 2015 050March 2015 047Oyster Mushrooms! In February I dumped my straw from a bale that had grown oysters all winter. I hope they would do this but it froze so much afterwards I thought it had killed the mycelium. I guess not! I am so excited! These are a bit waterlogged but now that I know it is growing there I can take care and keep a closer watch on it and hopefully catch the next ones before they get damaged and un saleable  I am going to eat these though!

I have also started tomatoes and many herbs and flowers. Seed Starting will continue until late summer. I am posting a few extra pictures below for you to enjoy.

March 2015 002March 2015 039Peach and Pear Blossoms.March 2015 029Fig Leafing out in the greenhouse.


I will keep posting updates. Leave comments below I love hearing from you!