Spring is Here!

Spring is here! , all of a sudden there are many, many things to photograph for you to see.

March 2015 014March 2015 019102_0434

The Fruit trees are blooming and the bees are busy pollinating them. I am so grateful we have bees that visit from a neighbors farm to pollinate our crops. It benefits us both.They get Nectar and Pollen and we get much needed pollinators.

Below you can see some veggies Starts waiting to join the other plants already in the garden.



There is quite a bit of transplanting happening right now as the weather allows. Yesterday I was able to plant out two trays of Cabbage and Cauliflower.

They are rather small now, but will grow quickly. Saturday The plants on the far right of the left picture are broccoli plants and they will join the ones already in the garden. Succession planting allows for a more continuous supply.


Above you see Pepper and Tomato Starts waiting to be transplanted into larger pots. We usually plant them out in the Garden the End of May if the forecast shows no frost.

March 2015 016The Raspberry vines are looking amazing! We are excited hoping for a great crop so we can bring you more Jam and Fresh berries.

March 2015 004We Still have quite a few Empty places but they are filling in, soon I will be posting pictures of all that is growing. This is my favorite time of year.

102_0475We enjoy flowers too! Here are some geraniums I started for our use here.

102_0467102_0472Here is a visitor I managed to get pictures of this Morning.

I will post more pictures of the plants out in the garden, hopefully later in the week. You can always check our Facebook Page. I post Picture updates there.

102_2574 March 2015 001

We are getting closer to having produce for you. If you want to learn More about our boxes you can read about it Here I am happy to answer question as always.

Have a wonderful Easter Week!