This week we profile Spinach. This green is pretty well known and had gained in popularity since I grew up. When I grew up I knew it came in a can. Yucky was all I could manage to think about it. Then I learned it came frozen, that was better but still the only time I had good spinach was when it was fresh. Then we didn’t have it long.

I didn’t learn until I was older that Spinach requires you to replant it every two weeks minimum to get a steady crop.

Feb-2015-017Spinach starts in the greenhouse.

 It works better for me where I am if I start them in the greenhouse then plant them out into the garden.

Feb-2015-019Here is one a little farther along.

Early on Spinach can grow slow. Once it warms up though it grows very fast and goes to seed very quickly. We call it “bolting” then all we can do is pull the plant and feed it to the chickens. Large farms harvest the whole plant and bundle them and that is one way you see fresh spinach in the Market or store. It is less work for them to harvest it and replant than to pick it over and over until it bolts. SInce I have much less space and alot less people for planting and replanting it is less work for me if I keep new seedlings coming along and pick the leaves off the mature plants until they bolt.


Many of you know Spinach is high in Iron, but it is actually higher in Vitamins A,C, B6 and Magnesium than Iron! It also has a decent amount of Pottasium and Calcium.

Although the high Oxalic content in spinach makes it harder for our bodies to use the calcium it contains, this isn’t a reason not to try it though! Unless you have a true allergy of course.

Spinach is considered a Superfood and is a great addition to your diet. I have compiled some recipes on our Pinterest

Page for Spinach. Many of the recipes are cooked and have added ingredients. I love eating Spinach raw in a salad or just by itself. It is readily available at every grocery store and Farmer’s Market. Even My Husband who hates cooked Spinach actually likes it raw in Salads. That is saying something. He dislikes alot of veggies. So I am very happy when I find one he enjoys.

Try out some of the recipes or have a spinach salad this week! You never know until you try it!

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