One of the value added products we offer is Sauerkraut. What makes ours different? I am happy to tell you, it is raw it has not been heat processed. So all the good probiotic bacteria are still in there. That is just the beginning. It is made from products grown here in Lane County, Oregon. Everything except the sea salt is grown here on our farm.

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It is probably the closest thing to making your own as you can get. When you buy our products all the money stays in Our local economy. We don’t have any employees we are a very small family run farm.


Some of the Flavors we currently offer are, Garlic, Beet Kraut, Dill Kraut, Plain Kraut,Spicy Kraut, Kale and Garlic Kraut, Spicy kale and Garlic Kraut, We are always adding new flavors to the line up. Above you see Garlic in the very first picture and the next photo to the left is spicy kraut and the next one is Beet kraut.

Were can you get our Sauerkraut? ¬†Currently the best way is directly from us. If you use the contact form below we can arrange to get it to you. If you choose to join our Box program you can add it to your weekly box. 1/2 pint is $3.00 and a pint is $6.00 just ask when you order. Sometimes we don’t have all of the flavors in both sizes. If this is the case we will let you know and ask if you still want the other size.

April 23rd we will be at the Elmira grange to kick off the new season. Then  Beginning on May 7th every Saturday we will be at the outdoor Market in Veneta. It is at the Corner of Luther Lane and Territorial rd.   We will have a variety of items to offer you. Very Early on we will have some plant starts. These are very limited this year so come see us early! We will be exploring if this is something we want to do in the future or not.

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