Produce list 8/25 to 9/1



Produce list for the end of August, the beginning of September already? Where has the summer gone?

Summer squash


Cherry Tomatoes



Bell Peppers

Pears or Apples




I still have one of these from last year! it is perfect like I just picked it. I am seriously considering saving the seeds. Though I understand that there is a high chance of off types and such. It has lasted so long I might take the chance and do it anyway to see if I get any good ones to make it worth while.


No Long term Commitment required Order week by week or all season $22 if we deliver to your house $20 if you pick up from us. Pay via cash, Paypal, Local check, or square.

Also if you don’t see something on our Produce list that you would like to see please ask! I may have a small amount or I can plan to plant it for you!


We also have a Pinterest page that has recipe ideas for our produce. We are also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Use the contact form to order. I do my best reply the same day.  We can work with you to arrange something that works just let us know. More info on how the program works Here.

Before too long we will be offering winter squash in your weekly box so start thinking about what you would like to make!

June 2015 003

A word to our Customers from the Veneta’s farmers Market. We have to take a break for the remainder of this season from the Market. Thank you so much for being loyal customers.We appreciate you!  You can still find some of Our products at Morning Glory farm and Espresso on Highway 126 in Walton. Just look for our Label. We hope to return Next year to the Market. If you don’t see something there that you were looking for send me a message using the contact form and I will make sure you get what you were looking for.

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