Produce Box 8-5 to 8-13


We are harvesting peaches now. This year everything is a bit early. You may wonder what we are doing with the peaches. Well, We spent most of the day Tuesday Preserving them. We only have one tree that reliably produces, We have others but they are young and haven’t consistently had peaches yet. There are alot of years we don’t have them. It usually frosts here right when the peaches are blooming and the blooms drop off. This year is extra special and we are very thankful.


Peach Preserves.


This Weeks Produce box ,

Summer Squash




Slicing Cucumbers









Just use our email button to order, I will reply usually the same day! We deliver to Eugene. We are also at the Veneta downtown farmers market on Saturdays for pick up as well. We can work with you to arrange something that works just let us know. More info on how the program works Here



Keep in mind canning, if you want to make pickles I have dill and cucumbers. I will also have tomatoes a little later on. Beets as well. I will also have basil in Pesto quantities if you are wanting to make that please contact me.


Bell Peppers will be ready soon!



Please visit our Pinterest Page Here to find recipe Ideas for produce you may need an idea or two on how to prepare. We have Created boards for Veggies we offer and a good assortment of recipes to give you ideas.


June 2015 023

From time to time due to shortages or production issues, I may need to substitute one or two items in your box. If you get something you weren’t expecting this is why. I do my best not to offer something unless I am certain I can get it to everyone. However, sometimes this happens. If you do not want substitutions let me know.


I am always happy to answer questions, if you have been in a CSA before you will quickly see that we offer a bit more. More choices for you! Thank you for taking your time to visit our page.