Produce Box 8-27 To 9-3


All of a sudden it is upon us, that time of year when everything needs attention. Tomatoes to be canned, apples to be made into sauce. Seeds to gather, Not to mention school starting and preparing for winter. Making sure we have enough wood for the winter and repairs are made that need done and the field is mowed. The list can be overwhelming if you look at the entire thing. I try to look at the small picture day to day what is in front of me right now? What am I able to do right this minute? If I don’t it can easily be too much to handle. I don’t ignore the other things they just have to get in line. Eventually it all gets done.


I have been using some of the uglier heirloom tomatoes to make fresh pico de gallo which my family has been gobbling up.


The paste tomatoes have been made into sauce and dried so far. I have plans to make salsa and pasta sauce too.


Below you will see some of the applesauce I have been making.






This is Dill Seed that I have been saving. I set aside enough for a year and there is still so much left over!



This Weeks Produce box ,

Summer Squash

Melon ( our choice of Cantaloupe, Galia,Crane or Banana)






Bell Peppers



Galia Melons


Just use our email button to order, I will reply usually the same day! We deliver to Eugene. We are also at the Veneta downtown farmers market on Saturdays for pick up as well. We can work with you to arrange something that works just let us know. More info on how the program works Here


We have beets for Canning as well as tomatoes and Apples! Send me an email. I will get right back to you. I think you will find our prices reasonable and you can’t beat the freshness!




Please visit our Pinterest Page Here to find recipe Ideas for produce you may need an idea or two on how to prepare. We have Created boards for Veggies we offer and a good assortment of recipes to give you ideas.

We also have an Etsy shop with a few of our items in it. I can ship to you or a friend as a gift. If you are local I can deliver them! Just email and I can let you know how to purchase them.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post and for supporting a local family farm!



Muta Our goofy cat. A free jar of Peach Jam to the first person who can correctly tell me where his name came from. ( Sorry Family not included.)