Produce Box 7-30 To 8-6

Wow, Little Red Barn Produce has had a website for a year now. I guess it isn’t actually until August 2nd. Our First post was on Kohlrabi. Which drops off the list this week as does kale. They are replaced by Galia Melon and Green beans.


If you aren’t familiar with Galia Melon it is a cross between a honeydew and a cantaloupe. They have lovely green golden skin on the outside when ripe. They may or may not be netted, that means the outside may have smooth skin or the pattern a cantaloupe has. The inside is green and the taste is amazing. I don’t really like cantaloupe, the musky flavor is not something I enjoy. This melon has none of that. The flavor is  tropical and they smell wonderful. I hope you enjoy them. They are early this year. They are always the first to ripen but I have never had them in July!

The above Melon isn’t quite ripe the skin will turn more golden when it is.


This Weeks Produce box ,

Summer Squash

Galia Melon



Slicing Cucumbers


Salad mix

Corn or Blackberries, I may substitute if I don’t have enough Corn/ or if you want berries instead of Corn just ask.


023This is a Baby Watermelon called Moon and stars.


Just use our email button to order, I will reply usually the same day! We deliver to Eugene. We are also at the Veneta downtown farmers market on Saturdays for pick up as well. We can work with you to arrange something that works just let us know. More info on how the program works Here


Keep in mind canning, if you want to make pickles I have dill and cucumbers. I will also have tomatoes a little later on. Green beans as well. I will also have basil in Pesto quantities if you are wanting to make that please contact me.

019I will be adding Blackberries to the list and pears probably this week or next. They are both early as well!

Please visit our Pinterest Page Here to find recipe Ideas for produce you may need an idea or two on how to prepare.


I am always happy to answer questions, if you have been in a CSA before you will quickly see that we offer a bit more. More choices for you! Thank you for taking your time to visit our page.