Produce Box 7-16 to 7-23


This is an amazing sight for this early in the year. Usually Melons are the size of a big marble right now. We have quite a few that are almost full size.


The Watermelons are doing great for our area as well. So far it looks like it will be a good melon year. 013

This Weeks Produce box ,

Summer Squash



Green Onions

Slicing Cucumbers


Salad mix


009This is the first eggplant. Soon I will have ingredients for Ratatouille if you like that. We discovered that we loved it!


017Here is  a picture of a decorative Squash for fall.


This is another Melon, one I really like it is called Crane.

005These are Cayenne Peppers, They are ahead of schedule too.




Please visit our Pinterest Page Here to find recipe Ideas for produce you may need an idea or two on how to prepare.

Just use our email button to order, I will reply usually the same day! We deliver to Eugene. We are also at the Veneta downtown farmers market on Saturdays for pick up as well. We can work with you to arrange something that works just let us know. More info on how the program works Here


Keep in mind canning, if you want to make pickles I have dill and cucumbers. I will also have tomatoes a little later on. Green beans as well. I will also have basil in Pesto quantities if you are wanting to make that please contact me.