Produce Box 5-7 to 5-14

I have decided to post from Thursday to Thursday, that way depending on your delivery day you have at least three days to a full week.

I am excited that there are a couple of new items this week. Please remember that if you received a vegetable that you have no idea what to do with it, please visit our Pinterest Page for Ideas!

Our Produce Box this week will Contain:

Kale Mix



Beet Greens

Spring Salad Mix


Please let me know as soon as you decide if you want a box this week. This helps so much!

I have added a few pictures of our seedling just so you can see how big they are. I have planted quite alot in the garden already. The plants below are next in line!

Again Ordering is easy, Use the contact form and I will get back with you or message me on Facebook. The farm has a facebook page and a group page as well. The Contact form is probably the easiest if you are ordering for the first time. We deliver to Eugene a couple times a week. I will arrange all that with you when I get your message. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post!

kKale Mix

May 2015 005Beet Greens

May 2015 007Cilantro

May 2015 003Kohlrabi

May 2015 020Tomato Seedlings Waiting to go out to the garden.

May 2015 011Basil Seedlings waiting for just a bit warmer weather to go into the ground.

May 2015 009Winter Squash Seedlings.

May 2015 021Pepper seedlings

May 2015 024Watermelon Seedlings