While the Title “Preserves” Often makes one think of jam or something similar for this article it means just about everything Fruit or Vegetable that can be preserved. When I have an abundance of a fruit or vegetable I try to think of what I can make with it that people will enjoy.

June 2015 078

In the Summer I often Make Raspberry Jam.



Hot Pepper Jam is a big favorite, not too hot though.



Marion berries are also very popular.


Last Year we were blessed with an abundance of peaches. Something we don’t always have.


Peach Jam, it went really fast.


We also Make our Own Sriracha sauce. We are on the last bottle now. It is very sad that we aren’t going to make it to pepper season before we run out.


We still have a some apple jelly available. It is pretty popular too.


Last year for the first time we had horseradish.


We still have a limited number of Jars available.


We had alot of green tomatoes at the end of the season.


We also had an abundance of beautiful Jalapenos too!


So we combined them and made this amazing green tomato relish. Sweet and hot I love it on everything. It is great as a chip dip or in a burrito or on nachos. I eat it with eggs. The possibilities are endless. I do still have some left.

This is just to give you an idea of some of the extra products we offer. All of it is made with our own produce. We do not buy from anyone. The only outside Ingredients are salt, sugar, vinegar and some spices.  We use our Own garlic and peppers and onions in all of our products.  If you are interested in adding an item to your weekly box just ask! They are extra depending on what you order.

Email for a price list. Stay tuned I usually post when I am making something new! I am always adding new items. We are getting closer and closer to our CSA program starting up again for the year. I am looking forward to growing all that yummy food.

I am always interested in what you do with it as well. Feel free to comment and let me know what you made with your produce!

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