New Skirt-Shorts from Betsy’s Boutique


My grandmother, Betsy, taught my sisters and I how to sew. She taught us patience when stitching by hand, steadiness when using the machine, and diligence when ripping out imperfect seams and doing them over again.

I was a really stubborn child. I hated having to do anything over again. I wanted it to be right the first time. My Grandma was a really stubborn teacher. She wouldn’t let me move on to the “fun things” until I’d learned how to do the rest of it properly.

When I was in middle-school she helped me plan and a Lord of the Rings style dress for my sister. We looked at pictures, took measurements, and she made sure I understood the old adage “measure twice, cut once.” In the end the dress came out beautifully. Each of my four sisters has worn it as a Halloween costume at least once, and they’ve all loved it.

It’s because of those lessons, all that time she spent teaching me, that I know the skirts she’s making now are well crafted. It’s because of the countless times she made me rip out a seam and redo it, that I know these skirts have been put together with care.

They’re cute, but they’re not fragile. They’re made with little girls in mind. My grandmother has been making clothes for me and my sisters for as long as I can imagine. This experience shines through in her work.

We’ve added several more skirts to Betsy’s ebay account, bringing the total number up to nine at the time of this writing.

The sizes we have available range from 3 months to 4t. Each listing includes a waist measurement to help give you a good idea of what size would be best for the little girl in your life.

The designs range from the cute purple paisley above, to the beach themed one below, and many more. All of them completely unique from one another.

Why don’t you head on over and take a look?