Local Meyer Lemons!

Yes! we grow them right here on our farm. We have two Lemon trees in our Cold frame greenhouse. A Meyer Lemon and a Eureka Lemon. Meyer Lemons are a Hybrid, they are a cross between a True Lemon and either a Mandarin or a True Orange.  Frank Nicholas Meyer imported them from China in 1908, he was an Agricultural Explorer, and he was Employee of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

They are grown in China as ornamental plants, so they are well suited to container growing. Which is great for me since mine lives in an enormous tree pot. Meyers are fairly hardy but require protection during cold weather and sustained cold weather below 20 degrees can kill them. I almost killed mine one year, by simply not protecting it enough.

Eureka Lemons are a true Lemon and are ready later than the Meyer lemon. The Lemons on the Eureka are still green.

Meyer Lemons are a darker yellow and rounder than a true Lemon they are also sweeter. The skin is fragrant and Thin. That is what first drew me to this wonderful tree. Growing up in the 70’s I used to visit my Great Aunt quite often, but She was born around the time this tree was first brought to the United States. An avid gardener she had a huge Garden on her double lot in Concord California, the Conditions there are so that she had her tree planted outside. She would rub the lemon and let me smell it. This is one of my favorite smells to this day. She didn’t care if I ate them. I have fond memories of my sister and I sitting in her yard eating Meyer lemons.

This tree bears fruit in December and also tries to Bloom as well, They will set fruit if it is warm enough and those will be ripe in May while it blooms again for the December Crop. So they can bear twice a year if the conditions permit.

These blossoms are so fragrant, whenever I smell it I am instantly transported to those happy times in my Great Aunt’s backyard.

Where can You find  these lovely  lemons? At Morning Glory farm and Espresso Located in Walton Oregon. They are only until  they sell out. Since the tree is not yet full size, there is a very limited quantity.  We use only Organic fertilizer, and if it gets pests, which is rare,  it is simply sprayed  with soapy water and wiped off,  Chemicals are never used.


I am including a link so just in case you need an idea or two on what to do with this amazing fruit they offer 14


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