Who and Where is Little Red Barn Produce?

102_4408I Have had people ask Who runs little red barn produce and where are you? I guess I didn’t realize that Many of you have no idea who we are or where we are, Many of you are in different parts of the Country or the World.

We are family owned and operated. Hubby and I do most of the work. We have five Daughters. Three are grown and two are just about there. They range in age from 25 to 14. They do help when they aren’t busy with school.


Hubby does most repair work and building. He does the tilling and helps clean the barn.  Man Chores :-) Actually we all help with any project the other is working on. My grandma was fond of sayings and she always said, “many hands make light work.”  We rarely have the that’s not my chore discussion. :-)


I do all the planting of seeds and transplanting. Pruning of fruit trees. I do most of the picking and packing of orders. The kids mostly help with weeding.

We are a micro farm on 5 acres. We have no interns or employees.

We are located in Western Oregon in the Coast Range, Not far from Eugene or Florence Oregon.

farm pics and videos 008

In the busy season, Here that is as soon as it dries out to whenever it freezes. Usually March to October.  I am out in the garden. I get help from family when they are able everyone is willing to pitch in to help with something if I ask.

We take great pride in saying that we eat what we grow for our customers. We want our customers to realize the care that goes into our produce from start to finish. We use only Organic products. We do not spray chemicals. We use natural pest control and often handpick insects or use integrated pest managment to control other insects. For example, Ladybugs to eat aphids. We have ducks for slug and snails and Cats for Rodents.

We have chosen not to be certified. We would rather our customers ask us questions about what we use or what we do if they have a question.  We feel getting to know who grows your food is the way to go. I am happy to answer questions not answered here. watering


There is the barn in the background which never got painted red. A sort of joke around here.



Me with the youngest on a lovely fall day.

We aren’t quite ready to offer boxes yet, if you are interested in signing up certainly send me an email using the form below and I would be happy to tell you more. Have a great day!

If you’d like to receive one of our weekly produce boxes, or need more information, then call us at (541)228-1127 or fill out the form below.Once the form has been received we’ll give you a call and go over the details with you so you can start receiving your farm fresh produce box as soon as possible.

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