Lemons and a giveaway!


dec2015 006

The Lemons on my Meyer Lemon tree are turning yellow! I am always excited about this. There are a couple of reasons. The main one being when I was a child my great aunt lived in the California bay area. She  had one growing  in her back yard. I loved the smell. I loved to eat them!

The Other is that I never thought I  could grow them when I moved to Oregon. It is too cold here for Citrus. Maybe on a large scale.Here where I live you can grow them in a cold frame if you cover them when it gets below freezing for more than one or two nights.

I hope to have a small place for just the citrus trees one day. My favorite smell in the world is a citrus in bloom, it is amazing.  I have three citrus trees, One Meyer Lemon, One Eureka lemon and one unknown. It was a rescue from a friend who had inherited it from a friend who didn’t know what kind of citrus it was. It will be fun to see what it is.

I would love more ideas on what you do with lemons? I make Lemonade, Lemon Marmalade, Lemon Curd, Preserved lemons, I squeeze and freeze the juice. I would love more ideas! Please leave them in the comment  section. I am hoping  one day to have  more  lemons than I can possibly imagine! 🙂


Now, on to the Giveaway! We are having a giveaway on Wooly Moss Roots Blog. I met Taryn who writes the blog a few years ago. She lives not too far from us, she and her family are very creative and very hard working!

There is still time to enter if you act fast! Included in the giveaway is a 1/2 pint jar of peach jam, 1/2 pint jar of hot pepper jam, a one ounce package of Dried shiitake mushrooms, a one ounce package of dried stropharia mushrooms, a one ounce tin of sore muscle rub, Dried pear chips, dried tomato chips, two tubes of our lip balm and a bar of Lemon Verbena Goat’s milk soap! This is valued at over $35! All of these items make a great addition to gift baskets or keep them for yourself!

You can purchase these Items in my Etsy Shop.


Just comment on the blog post to enter the giveaway! Don’t delay today is the last day! The winner will be notified via email.

Thank  you for stopping in a reading your interest in  small family farms!