Hubbard Squash

After Spending quite some time trying to decide what on earth to blog about? I mean there are gazillions of recipe blogs, food blogs, gardening blogs, the list goes on and on. I realized yesterday that even among my gardening friends there are alot of varieties of vegetables that people have never heard of and might be reluctant to try. So Here is my humble attempt to educate others on Veggies you may have seen or heard of but haven’t tried because you had no idea what to do with it. Or what it would taste like.

Right Now I have an abundance of Winter Squash so I am going to focus on some of the lesser known types, before moving on to other things. I hope you find this information useful. Today we will Profile Hubbard Squash.



These are just a few Photos of Hubbards. You can see some peeking out of the pile of squash above. They also come in Dark Green and Orange.

Regular Hubbard squash can range from 5 pounds to 40. I have never grown one as large as 40 pounds that would be an amazing amount of food. I think my largest one was 15 pounds this year. That in itself is enough to scare some people away from trying this squash. So the seed industry came out with Baby hubbards. They have names like Blue Ballet and Baby Blue or Baby green. The top size on Baby hubbards is 5 pounds. I have found the baby squash aren’t as prolific when you go to grow them though. It makes it challenging as a grower to decide what to grow. Having a limited amount of space and resources do I go for a few or quite a few? This year I chose the regular size hubbard and was not dissapointed. While I don’t have an over abundance of them as I do with Spaghetti Squash, and Butternuts. I did get a respectable amount.  I will cover Spaghetti Squash and Butternuts soon but I feel they a fairly well Known.

Okay, What does it taste like? What is the texture? Hubbards are very diverse and can be used in almost any recipe calling for Winter Squash or Pumpkin.They are somewhat sweet but not overly. They are fine grained and very flavorful.They are wonderful in Pies or roasted with a little olive oil and rosemary. The Hubbard is a wonderful all purpose squash.

I have seen them at Wal mart being sold as decorations. So sad because they really are wonderful squash that a much better use. Sometimes you will find them in Markets Cut into smaller pieces and wrapped in Plastic wrap. Keep an eye out for them at Farmers Markets though and try them in your favorite squash recipe.

I currently have them available for purchase just look at the weekly produce page for this week.

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