You look at that and wonder what on earth? Those are freshly dug horseradish roots. Some of them were a little on the small side, that does not affect their pungency! This is my first harvest of the roots. I may expand my growing area of them and offer whole roots in the future if that seems like something my customers like.


Here they are after I peeled them. Peeling them is not a problem. It is when you grate or grind them. Quite overpowering. My grandpa used to tell the story of when he was younger they always did that outside and they added turnips to the mix.


Here is a picture of my finished product which you can find on Lane local foods This is grated horseradish, vinegar, salt and a little sugar. It is hot and can be used in a variety of ways. Make your own sauce by adding it to mayo or add it salads for a  kick, Let your imagination guide you!

dec2015 006

Also on Lane local foods I have added Meyer Lemons! Yes they are grown here in lane county. Citrus normally do not grow here. These are grown in a coldframe with winter protection. They Smell Wonderful. You can read my previous post on them here.


We also have a little shop on Etsy where you can order Items that would make a wonderful addition to your Christmas gift baskets.  You can also keep them for yourself! Merry Christmas!

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