Fungal Profile, Shiitake Mushrooms

I decided to add another Category for Mushrooms. I grow them and collect them so I should have a category for them. This week I am starting with Shiitake.

Here is a single Shiitake fruiting in our mushroom growing room. It takes about ten days to two weeks for them to go from the tiny little blisters you see toward the bottom of the block to the mushroom above. The entire time we are monitoring the moisture, light and air quality  of their room to make sure they grow well. Read below for tiny bit of background on this mushroom.

Shiitake are Native to East Asia. It is cultivated Widely there as well as worldwide. It is considered medicinal as well as a delicious edible. Not all medicinal mushrooms can boast about that. Some of them taste rather icky to be polite.

Shiitake grow in thei native forests on Shii trees. They are cultivated on hardwood logs or substrate blocks.

Until the Mid 1980’s they were mainly grown in Japan.

Here you see them fruiting on substrate blocks. They are quite productive their first flush.

I have made a Shiitake Board on the farms Pinterest page it is full of recipes for you to try. If you like mushrooms and haven’t tried Shiitake Mushrooms you should give them a go. They are amazing have way more flavor and texture than buttons.  You can get them by sending me an email using the form below.

They are $9.00 A pound before you gasp keep this in mind. The quality is stellar. These are fresh, just picked, no days of travel. Also, a pound fills a lunch sack that is alot of mushrooms. I sell them in 1/2 pound as well. Delivery to Eugene weekly. Just use the form below.

We aren’t quite ready yet to offer boxes again but we are working on it!

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