Farm Update!

Alannas' ipod April 2015 128

We have had suffcient sun breaks to get some planting done out in the field. We are grateful for a bit of an earlier start this year. With the upcoming forecast for this week looking very dry and warm, we should be able to get back into the field to get more planting done.

Alannas' ipod April 2015 126

Here are broccoli starts and in the distance garlic plants that will be harvested early summer.

April 2015 006April2015 015


Above are a couple different kinds of kale. It loves cooler weather and grows back very quickly after it is cut.

March 2015 017   April2015 010


The first picture is of the lettuce right after it was planted on March 12th. The next photo was taken a couple of days ago.  During warmer weather the growth is much faster a lettuce plant, depending on the variety of course would go from transplant to mature in  a month.  These are very close to harvest size.

March 2015 010   April2015 013

This variety of Spinach grows much faster than lettuce. It was transplanted the same day as the lettuce and I have already had two cuttings off of it.  All of this is good news for our friends who are patiently waiting for me to announce that it is produce box time. It will certainly be much sooner this year. Lord Willing.

April2015 017   April2015 018

Rhubarb Will be ready to harvest soon!


April2015 023

The swallows have returned. I look for them every year. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy them.

April2015 020

Our Goats grazing in the field. We use their milk in our soap.


April2015 016

Sunflower Starts, so we can offer you bouquets this summer!

April2015 009

I enjoy the lilacs even though they don’t make very good cut flowers.

April2015 006

I love the color of these Braeburn apple blossoms. They seem pinker than the rest.

April2015 005

Apple tree near the Braeburn. It has many varieties grafted on it.


I hope you have enjoyed the pictures. I hope to get many more during the sunny weather and bring updates more often. Things are moving quickly again and it is go time. It won’t be much longer! I hope you have enjoyed this Farm Update!

Please ask questions if you have them I am happy to answer!